Bachmann Branchline  32-030DS
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
Class 20 20156 in Railfreight red stripe grey - DCC sound fitted
DCC fitted, with sound


Class 20 20156 BR Railfreight Red Stripe - DCC Sound


Built: 1957 - 1968

Constructed by: English Electric

Duties: mixed traffic



• Sprung buffers

• Domino head-code boxes 


***The Class 20 has always been a popular model. Its appearence in this livery and factory fitted with sound is sure to make it a popular model.



The British Railways Board's 1955 modernization plan called for a change to alternative forms of traction and manufacturers were asked to produce trial or initial designs for evaluation. English Electric adapted an existing design based on an export model for a 1000 bhp diesel and 20 were built as a pilot scheme for assessment. 


The first batch was built in 1957 and the diesels were assigned to work from Devon's Road depot, East London. The design was a success from the start and by 1962 a total of 127 had been built. Following assessment of all the Type 1 diesels, BRB placed a further order increasing the total to 228 by 1968 and the design became the BR standard for 1000 bhp diesel locomotives. With the introduction of the TOPS code system in 1968 the diesels were designated Class 20 and renumbered 20 001 to 20 228. The locomotives were principally designed for freight work but also saw serv