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  • Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
  • Era 5
  • Pristine BR Green (Wasp Stripes) livery
  • Running No. D2095
  • Flowerpot Chimney
  • Radiator-side Steps
  • Single Air Horn
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Powerful Coreless Motor
  • Detailed Cab Interior with pre-fitted Driver in one cab
  • Cab Lighting (when used on DCC only)
  • Locomotive Ready to Accept a Speaker
  • Accessory Pack
  • SOUND FITTED - Fitted with a Zimo MS590N18 DCC Sound Decoder - See below for the function list
  • Length 105mm



F1 - Sound On/Off

F2 - Brake

F3 - Horn (Playable)

F4 - Two-Tone Horn

F5 - Light Engine Mode

F6 - Engine Idle

F7 - Shunting Mode

F8 - Cold Start

F9 - Flange Squeal (Speed Related)

F10 - Cab Light

F11 - Buffering Up

F12 - Coupling Sounds

F13 - Low Toot

F14 - High Toot

F15 - Windscreen Wipers

F16 - Dispatch Whistle

F17 - On - Driver's Door Opening / Off - Driver's Door Closing

F18 - Fade All Sounds

F19 - On - “Draw up” / Off - “6ft, 4ft, 2ft, Whoa!”

F20 - “Squeeze Up”

F21 - On - "Going Under” / Off - "Clear to go under”

F27 - Volume Down

F28 - Volume Up

Analogue Users: Please note that normal load running sounds and any other automatic or randomised sounds will also operate when this model is used on analogue control (DC) straight from the box!

Class 03 D2095 BR Green (Wasp Stripes) SOUND

SKU: A2B31364ASFSum2024
£259.95 Regular Price
£220.96Sale Price
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