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Announced as part of Bachmann's Autumn 2020 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to bring you this SOUND FITTED Midland Railway 1532 (1P) Tank No. 1303 in LMS Black (Original) livery which enhances this delightful little model even further. This era 3 model features a realistic firebox flicker, sprung buffers, and has been modelled with a round top firebox. An accessory pack is included, along with an additional wheel set with traction tyres for those wishing to haul heavier trains! The SOUND FITTED model features realistic braking sounds, drain cocks and whistles, whilst a function for normal or heavy load has also been included, see full details of the sound functions below. MODEL FEATURES:

Bachmann Branchline OO Scale Era 3Highly detailed LMS Black (Original) livery

Round top firebox variant

Fitted with Push-Pull apparatus

SOUND FITTED - See below for function list

Accessory Pack

Additional Wheelset with Traction Tyres for those requiring increased haulage

Realistic fire box flicker

Sprung BuffersLength 135mm

SOUNDS:F1 - Sound On / Sound Off

F2 - Brake (activates brake sounds and increases the rate of deceleration)

F3 - Cylinder Drain Cocks

F4 - Whistle

F5 - Normal Load / Heavy Load

F6 (STATIONARY) - Firebox Door Open (red firebox light flickers)

F6 (MOVING) - Firebox Door Open (red firebox light flickers and yellow light pulses in time with the exhaust)

F7 - Injectors

F8 - Two Tone Whistle

F9 - Flange Squeal

F10 - Shovelling Coal (F6 must be On to activate this function)

F11 - Blower (with F6 On and the locomotive stopped the red and yellow firebox lights will also flicker)

F12- Hand Brake (locomotive will not move with the Hand Brake applied)

F13 - Water Tank Filling

F14 - Coupling/un-Coupling Clank

F15 - Safety Valve

F16 - Guard’s Whistle & Driver’s Response Toot

F17 - Coasting

F18 - Sound Fades Out / Sound Fades In

F19 - Shunt Mode (reduces speed)

F20 - Acceleration/Deceleration inertia off

F21 - Volume Control (LATCH = Volume On/Off) or (TRIGGER = cycles 6 Volume Levels)

F22 - Rail joint clatter 

MR 1532 (1P) Tank 1303 LMS Black (Original) Sound Fitted

SKU: A2B31741SF
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